We are all connected in some way – through networks of friends and family, electronic networks, connections to nature and the universe, business connections, and millions of connections throughout the human mind and body.

My current body of work explores those connections – be it in the macrocosm or the microcosm. My mark-making is intuitive and filled with energy and action. The palette reflects our diversity in life – warm and cold, bright and bold, tranquil and muted, monochromatic and full of color. I feel there is an energy that emerges from the movement in this work. I think of it somewhat as a cosmic flow.

After applying layers and layers of oil paint, I carved into the painting with wood carving knives and other tools to achieve the final image.  Each painting has its own unique characteristics depending on the dryness of the paint when carved into it, the heaviness or lightness of the carving, the number of different colors applied, and the tools used.